Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ironies and Idiocies of Jehovah's Witnesses

Windowless Kingdom Halls filled by men who make their living washing windows.

Thousands of Kingdom Halls with security systems,but the systems are all set to 1914.

Jehovah's Witnesses arrive uninvited and unannounced at a stranger's door, would be visibly upset if a friend stopped by their house before calling first.

Jehovah's Witnesses in field service, going door to door, hoping no one is at home.

Saying they are a Bible-based religion and being anti-Catholic, failing to note that the Bible was canonized and codified by the Catholic Church. If God hadn't "used" the Catholic Church as His "approved channel" to formulate and disseminate the Bible, the Witnesses would have nothing to mistranslate and misinterpret.

Holding "Bible studies" with people but studying Watchtower books, not the Bible.

Refusing to associate with wordly relatives because they are "bad association", then going door to door looking for worldly people who will talk to them.

Witnesses claim that they dob't celebrate Thanksgiving but still having a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and invite some of the friends to dinner that day.

Witnesses tell everyone they don't celebrate Christmas but accept gifts and cash from their employer when Christmas comes around.

Witnesses are totally against celebrating the anniversary of a person's birth, but all for celebrating the anniversary of a marriage, even with a cake and gifts.

Witnesses claim that they do not participate in "pagan rituals and customs" and yet they wear a wedding ring (which is a pagan custom).

Witnesses don't accept blood transfusions. However, if you break the blood up into separate parts, then it's okay,

Jehovah's Witnesses profess not to have have a "clergy class" but when they are in court being sued because of their instructions not to go to the authorities about child abuse, then invoke "clergy/penitent priveledge."

Jehovah's Witnesses don't have a "clergy class" but the elders are worthy of "double honor" for their position.

Jehovah's Witnesses are told that love is the identifying mark of the true Christian congregation, yet "mark" those who don't attend meetings on a regular basis so as not to associate with them.

Jehovah's Witnesses claim that their literature is life saving. But then why is it copyrighted? Don't they want everybody to have it? Why do they hire lawyers to prosecute those who make their literature available without permission or if they don't like the context any quotes are made in?

Why do the Witnesses print only a half a million copies of a worldwide message about religion designed to reach six billion people?!

You need to read MY literature, but I won't read yours.

You must let me pray for you, but I will not let you pray for me.

There are no collection plates, but plenty of collection boxes.

Jehovah's Witnesses brag about "teaching" people God's name and yet the name they use is a mis-translation of the name of the Hebrew God.

Jehovah's Witnesses tell people to examine and question their own religions in every detail and research it fully. But don't even DARE to examine or question or research my religion, though, or Jehovah will execute you."

The Watchtower study and the Book Study are "Question" and "Answer" sessions, which doesn't actually mean you get to ask meaningful questions, it means that you get to repeat back, word for word, what the magazine or book just told you.


JohnP said...

Is not the tie having a history that would make JVs not wearing it? Still they have to wear it.

JohnP said...

Now I remember I hear something like it is a phallic symbol.