Tuesday, December 16, 2008

February 15, 2009 Watchtower

If you havee read the annual report of Jehovah's Witnesses, posted here below, you will see that the numbers of the annointed have been increasing and not decreasing. Then why does paragraph 14 of this article say that the numbers have been decreasing? This is clearly not the case.
Anyway, this entire article is why we should give praise and trust the Governing Body. One of their arguments is that since they have been in existence for over 130 years this means that Jehovah's blessings are with them. If that were true, the cockroach, who has been in existence for millions of years, should be worshipped.
The article is chock full of ridiculous claims that are supposed to make the reader believe that Jehovah God and Jesus trust the Governing Body and we should too. None of the reasons can be proved or even make sense. I can't believe I used to believe this crap, but I am certain that most witnesses will eat this up!


kevin said...

Wow, that's shocking to read, when you've been out for awhile. Gives me the creeps.

I think Jehovah's Witnesses will be shocked when these prophecies are literally fulfilled in the Jewish nation. All arrogance will be put down (and the WT has a lot of arrogance to put down, stealing prophecy given to Israel, and applying it to itself), and God's word will be fulfilled to the letter.

greg said...

This is article is saying "just follow the leaders". I recently read a 2007 WT article, it said, even if the F&DS say things or ask you to do things that you don't understand, don't question it, just trust them and do it. Sounds like cult talk to me.

spiritualbrother said...

Blind obedience to a group of men is not a good thing.

luckyone2k said...

thats shocking stuff indeed. its crazy that one used to believe that. humans pose themselves in god position and this without any proof beyond "its this way because we say it".

i would be happy following humans given the right to by god. and god never failed to give proof that someone has gods blessing. someone who has gods blessing wouldnt teach wrong things regardless how imperfect the person is who speaks.

luckyone2k said...

@greg: can you recall the articles name or in what issue it was printed?

Free in Christ said...

The reason they say the anointed are decreasing even if it’s contrary to their own reports is that a few years ago after the “generation” fiasco they came out with yet another timetable to show how close we are to the end It goes something like this.

Jesus said that the days of the great tribulation would be cut short because of the “chosen ones”. Since the anointed for the most part are very old it shows how close we are to the end.
So now they’ve once again backed themselves into a corner.

Free in Christ said...

As for the teaching that we ought to listen to their voice as much as that of Jesus, it is not surprising. For years they have also compared those who murmur against them to Korah who murmured against Moses. They have indeed seated themselves in the seat of Moses. Although their estimation of themselves makes me sick,it also helps me identify who "the man of lawlessness" might actually be.

greg said...

luckyone2k. Unfortunately a can't remember which WT mag it was although i'm sure it was 2007. Someone posted a photo of the page on the internet, i read it about a month ago. The context was 'as we are deep in the time of the end the F&DS might ask us to do things that may seem strange'. If i can find it again i'll put the details on this page.

luckyone2k said...

thanks greg! ill take a look myself too!

Jen Uflect said...

I'm really fatigued with all this. I've been an elder for twenty years, pioneered for fifteen years, and I've held every position in the hall and the progression that this idolatry has taken is really shocking.

Why do I even bother any more?

What's worse is how I remember thinking to myself how stupid anyone would have to be to take "30 years" ("thirty years a watchtower slave") to discover that something wasn't "The Truth"!

And here I am being just as stupid.

I have learned a lot from the routine and I know the bible quite well now and this is why all this is so painful to watch.

I hate all this idolatry!

Didn't Jesus say "Never be called leaders, for one is your leader, the Christ."?

Where is the humility?

There are so many scripturally wrong things about this creature worship that it just makes me so upset and angry that I want to buy up all the TV time during the SuperBowl to point it all out!

saved by Jehova said...

what has these faithful servent of god ever done to you guys.
I think I know. but you have to live the life a jehova witness to know it, and those of you who say you have, just the simple fact that you mention certain roles you play in the kingdom hall doesn`t proof anything what it really does proof is that you are some what ofended by god`s rules and decided topublish your dis agreement with God not his servents but Jehova god and his faithful son Jesus chris. I hope you all read this because if you do, and you repent Jehova will be kind with you but if not read hebrews 10:26 and take it seriously. much love to you all may God keep us in touch for good and not for bad.