Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watchtower Organization is Polluting The Earth, Literally

The Watchtower organization has been fined for pollution by the State of New York. "God will bring to ruin those runing the earth." If this scriptures is true then the Watchtower has something to worry about. The pollute the earth with their printing equipment, boilers for heating, deisel engines for power, etc.

The Watchtower's name is near the end of the page. Click on the Watchtower name and you will get an even more detailed report. Their fine was $50,000.00.

I don't want to post a copy of the actual check here because it is a Watchtower check that is private and I don't want my blog shut down.

Aren't you happy to know what your contributions are being spent on?


9328737 said...
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grissom6471 said...

Since there is no such thing as a "Watchtower Organization" other than the printing company in New York and other places, I don't see why we should care. Those are people who work at a factory. It happens to everyone.

JHK said...

How many trees use the Watchtower Organization... in its printing plants... each year?

I need a answer!

Fiona said...

so what?
What's your purpose to publish that?
Universities and hospitals have to pay that environment tax too.

margaretrunge said...

Yes, Fiona, you are right. But universities and hospitals are not God's chosen means of communicating with his people, they are not Jehovah's organizations and they do not claim to channel Jehovah and receive messages from him.

hudsoncarl said...

margaretrunge, what does that have to do with paying taxes?

Fankey said...

Hi! Can i relate this news on my italian blog ?
(As known as "La Torre ti Guarda" something like "The Watchingtower", satiric blog about jw)

Thank You ;)

Governing Body Letters said...

Fankey. You may publish anything on this blog onto your own website. I would appreciate a link back here. Thank you.