Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The July 15, 2008 contains loads of New Light

First of all you must keep in mind that the Watchtower predicted many, many dates as to when Jesus would return. All those dates failed. The latest date was 1914 and when that date failed the Watchtower claimed that Jesus did return, only his return was invisible.
In this article they give a new interpretation of Jesus' parables of dragnet, mustard seed, leaven, etc. Now remember that the Watchtower has always given a scripture and an explanation for occurrence within the organization. The Watchtower is now in a state of decline. Member numbers are falling off and so are contributions. This article is meant to shore up the brothers to stay the course. Jesus didn't show, so he returned invisibly. The world didn't end when they said it would, so it ended invisibly. The Society's growth is slowing and now, growth is going to be invisible too. Yes, I am not kidding. The Watchtower claims it is showing invisible growth. Please don't ask me to explain it. Read it for yourselves and please explain it to me.
Invisible growth? I suppose they'll toss up a few invisible Halls to take care of a few invisible meetings for the invisible brothers for the invisible growth. You gotta read this hilarious issue.
Just one example:
They use the dragnet illustration to exhort people to return to the society. I take it from this that studies are dropping off, and adult children are not coming back as they used to.
19. As with the unsuitable fish, many who have once studied the Bible with Jehovah's people have stopped studying. Some born to Christian parents have never really wanted to become footstep followers of Jesus. They have been unwilling to make the decision to serve Jehovah or after serving him for a while have ceased doing so *. (Ezek. 33:32, 33) It is imperative, though, that all honesthearted ones allow themselves to be gathered into the vessellike congregations before the final day of judgement and to remain in a place of safety.
*Does this mean that everyone who has stopped studying or associating with Jehovah's people have been thrown away as unsuitable by the angels? No! If someone sincerely desires to return to Jehovah, he will find the way open. - Mal. 3:7.


9328737 said...

It is just insane. This organizacion is a major joke!

Danny Haszard said...

WOW! I just love the grabber line "Loads of New light"


hudsoncarl said...

why is it so bad for families to be encouraged?

grissom6471 said...

Pure stupidity.

"The Watchtower is now in a state of decline. Member numbers are falling off and so are contributions."

No, neither the Watchtower Society nor Jehovah's Witnesses are in a state of decline.

The Watchtower Society has sold buildings that they don't need. So what?

Witnesses numbers are not declining.

Contributions are declining all over because of the economy.

Get real. I have yet to see an opposer state any truth.

Warren Lawless said...

Just to set the matter straight... 298304 baptized in 2007 (largest number baptized since 1999), an increase of 3.1 percent ( largest percentage of increase since 1998). Large numbers or large increases don't necessarily mean God's approval but it is important if statements are presented that they be factual.

grissom6471 said...

Warren Lawless,
Thanks for setting stats straight.

But the increase is as Jehovah wills.

But it is also good that there are decreases in that it is good to get rid of people like Danny Hazzard and the one that runs this blog.

We don't want either of them.

christian peper said...

I am so sad because the Jehovah Witness Watchtower has hurt so many. The organization uses mind control to control the lives of the members. Rules and regulations keep members in line and regulate even married sex. The cult claims to be the channel of communication between god and man despite many false prophecies then uses guilt, shame, and fear to control. The cult uses the classic “us against them” manipulation also. The public does not know that the cult also keeps records of non-members who have shown a passing interest in the cult; this is in violation of ordinary American’s basic civil rights.

christian peper said...
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