Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Book: Keep Yourselves in God's Love - Blood


Yeah I said it said...

since the wtbts is pulling this from the mosaic law as what god wants us to do, i guess it's time to stone adulterers while we're at it and take on multiple wives.

hey wtbts, get some research and writing skills.

Thomas said...

Re: Yeah I said it's post

Typical apostate guerrilla style attack... Show only part of the information, defame the authors, then offer nothing of benefit to supersede what's being criticized.

The pages in the publication that follow the scan posted here clearly share scripture from the 'new testament' as well, explaining clearly and precisely how the subject relates and applies to Christians.

Ridiculers have been misquoting, misunderstanding, and misrepresenting the Divine will and purpose since Noah began building the ark. The apostle Peter and Jesus alluded to this event tying the 'old' & 'new' testaments together as beneficial for teaching. 2 Peter 2:5; Matthew 24:38, 39; 1Timothy 3:16

The Apostle Peter describes people like the one who posted this misleading information as mere ridiculers. 2 Peter 3:3