Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Kingdom Ministry Announcements

Literature offer for July: "Keep on the Watch! If the congregation does not have this brochure in stock, please check if nearby congregations have a surplus on hand that you can use. If that is not possible, offer another appropiate brochure the congregation has in stock."
Now that's for July, in August they say the same things for Worship the Only True God., in September, using What Does the Bible Really Teach? They want all you zombies out there to "make an effort to start Bible studies on the initial call."
And don't forget August have five (yes count them) five FULL weekends, "it would be an excellent month to auxiliary pioneer."
In September, everyone will have a soecial visit from the Circuit Overseer who will give the talk: Walk in the Way of Integrity. How wonderful!
This is just an example of the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are not really "Christians" they are "Publishers" who under the term religion push literature from door to door in the hopes of gaining new recruits. They fake spirituality and use it as a lure to get more people into the commericalistic spirit to push the goods onto others.


grissom6471 said...

Wow, another advertising laden anti-Witness site. You simply need a forum for your ads to get money.

Lola said...

how can i get copy of the teocratic school for 2008 and kingdom ministry for july 2008

grissom6471 said...


You go to the Kingdom Hall and ask for it.

John P. Manuel said...

You are one sad individual Got anything positive to offer the world? get some therapy kiddo