Saturday, May 10, 2008

Books To Be Released at the 2008 District Convention

I just received information on the books to be released this year at the District Convention.

Fri Afternoon:
YOUNG PEOPLE ASK, ANSWERS THAT WORK, Volume 2. This is not a replacement but a sequel to Volume 1.

Sat Afternoon:
KEEP YOURSELVES IN GOD'S LOVE. 224 Page Book that focuses on Christian conduct, and the need to live in harmony with Jehovah's (the organization's) standards.

I will let you know if any New Light is being unveiled at the assembly as soon as I read over the talk outlines.


JHK said...

Thank you for the Kingdom News at the proper time... before at Convention.

Torre said...

Hello mate, we are looking your blog very closely. Your information is at proper time, blowing away the top secret policy practiced by the WT. Follow keeping us informed.

Kind regards

From Spain with love.

Eric said...
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Yeah I said it said...

again, you rock, it's so great you're doing this. and you're an inspiration.

and eric's comment is funny on so many levels, especially the use of the word "friends".

Eric said...
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reality check said...

eric - you are an example of why the watchtower is a doomed organization.

hudsoncarl said...

thanks for ruining the surprise!!! ***shakes head***