Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Watchtower Annual Meeting October 2010

NEWS regarding the October 2010 ANNUAL WATCHTOWER MEETING:

Four members of the Governing Body were present. The Governing Body determined that in 2011 those with children who quit Watchtower (or really anyone including dad’s ...and mom’s who quit Watchtower) are not to be socialized with under the provision of doing “necessary family business,” so as to better get them to want to return to Watchtower. Anointed Jehovah's Witnesses had recommended that active Jehovah Witnesses be moderate as to shunning, but as you know the Governing Body opposes regular Jehovah's Witnesses listening to non-Governing Body anointed ones.

Here is what the Shepherding Book has to say.......(Pg 116, Ch. 10, vs 6)
(*, **, *** were added by me for quicker reference)
6. If members of the congregation are known tohave undue association with disfellowsbippedor disassociated relatives who are not in thehousehold elders should counsel and reason withthose members of the congregation from the Scriptures.
Review with them information from the"God's Love book, pages 207-208 (*); The Watchtowerof April 15 1988, pages 26-30 (**); or the article "DisplayChristian Loyalty When a Relative Is Disfellowshipped"in the August 2002 Our Kingdom Ministry(***).
If it is clear that a Christian is violating the spirit of the disfellowshipping decree in this regard and does not respond to counsel, it may be that he would not qualify for congregation privileges, which requireone to be exemplary. He would not be dealt with judiciallyunless there is persistent spiritual association orhe openly criticizes the disfellowshipping decision.

The ironic thing is that witnesses are always declaring that they value the family. However, they actually show that they have little respect for families and that they can legislate how and under what circumstances a family can relate to one another.

Is this Biblical?


Jan Romme said...

I think it's VERY biblical... :

10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
10:36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

Theocratic Joker said...

Jan Romme, the scripture you quoted is concerning Christians versus those who practiced other religions. Christ knew that those converting to christianity would encounter problems in their communities and families. Christ did not mean for their to be enmity between Christians and other Christians. He was definitely not speaking about Jehovah's Witnesses versus christianity. Of course, the watchtower organization has taken scriptures and twisted them all around to conform with their theology.

tormented said...

How they could ever imagine it would entice you back is beyond me. If anything it shows me that they are so wrong because they only stop talking to you to save their own skin not because they love you. They fail to remember how you may have been treated that made you leave in the first place and instead treat you like the antichrist - they are clueless. But I do feel sorry for them as whilst in a wonderful safety bubble now it will be such a reality shock for them one day when they realise how their precious society packed them off with a skinful of lies. I intend only to act with love and so heap hot coals upon their heads.

7000ptt said...

Why would a person want to go back to that? Most who leave now by disassociation are fed up. They go on to Christ and learn as much truth as they can. No one has all truth, but when all persons think alike, in unison, there is generally only one person thinking.
You have to accept that your witness relatives have a choice, if they choose to shun you, that's their choice too. I love my son, he shuns me but the other two do not. 2 out of 3 not bad odds.www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com