Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Generation Understanding gives further reasons not to watch Star Trek reruns

The new light on the Generation gives us even further reason not to watch Star Trek re-runs.

The title "Star Trek - The Next Generation" misleads people about the real meaning of what is meant by a "Generation".

Evidently the lives of Starfleet officers who served aboard USS Enterprise NCC-1701 would overlap with those who served aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Since Spock and McCoy's life overlapped with Picard's, they were contemporaries, and thus of the same generation.

If the producers of the show were truly sincere in advocating the truth, they would have titled the show "Star Trek - The Contemporary Overlapping Generation Continued".

My dear brothers and sisters: Let us be resolved never to be deceived the by the deceptive entertainment of this world!



Anonymous said...

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MJunaid said...

What an impressive information you have shared with us. I hope you will keep blogging.

Pearl Doxsey said...

thanks for combining my two loves....Star Trek and the expose of bs.
If you would care to read my blog on "Generation", welcome.