Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watchtower Study, June 7, 2009

Paragraph 15: Satan was the first creature to turn apostate. Modern-day apostates display characteristics similar to those of the Devil. Their mind may be poisoned by a critical attitude toward individuals in the congregations, Christian elders, or the Governing Body. Some apostates oppose the use of the divine name, Jehovah. They are not interested in learning about Jehovah or in serving him. Like their father, Satan, apostates target people of integrity. (John 8:44) No wonder servants of Jehovah avoid all contact with them!--2 John 10, 11.

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is completely unaccountable to the flock and demand unquestioned submission. Debate, discussion, questioning and criticism is allowed by the Governing Body inside their boardroom, but not for anyone else. Anyone who actively critiques and exposes flaws of certain Watchtower teaching/policies is associated with Satan and labelled an apostate.
There is a difference between bitter and twisted false accusations and lies, and healthy criticism and debate. This article makes no allowance for the difference.
The scriptures actually exhort the flock to test those in apostle-like authority - Revelation 2:2. Christians are told to keep testing every inspired expression and to keep testing whether they are in the faith - 1 John 4.1
How can JW's be sure they are not being deceived by their own leaders unless there is some questioning and debate? How can incompetent and even corrupt elders be exposed and removed unless their is criticsm of them where warranted? It is grossly unfair and a distortion to label 'criticism' of elders and the GB as basically satanic and apostate.


Voice of Reason said...

You know that is not true.

The GB does not demand anything from the flock.

Criticism and debate is not meant for the congregation as that gets nothing but Christendom.

Cee Cee said...

VOR: "Criticism and debate is not meant for the congregation as that gets nothing but Christendom."

Are you saying that Jehovah's Witnesses who examine the teachings of the Watchtower Organization will leave and become Christians?

Cee Cee said...

The truth, any truth, only becomes that after having been proven so. Without critical examination any statement is just another assertion. You can see how it works every day in TV court dramas.

This is no big deal--except in the realm of religion. Over the course of history hundreds of thousands of decent men and women have been stoned; pilloried, crucified, burned at the stake, accused of being under demonic control and expelled from their communities by religious leaders fearful of having their authority questioned by a seeker of truth that might--or might not--prove them wrong.

God himself has no fear of a trial to prove His truth. Romans 3:4 makes that clear:

"...God would be true even if everyone were a liar! as the scripture says, "so that you, God, may be proved right in your words and win the verdict when you are put on trial."

Those who claim an exclusive license to speak for Him certainly do fear being examined.

What better way to maintain ones exalted position as spokesman for the Almighty, than to eliminate those who question their authority by 'demonizing' them to the 'loyal' followers.

Tell me, does the wording of this paragraph in the Watchtower sound more like you'd expect to hear from an accuser at the Salem Witch trials or from the mouth of Jesus Christ?

Voice of Reason said...

Examining the teachings of the Watchtower does not equal criticism and debate. I have examined the teachings of the Watchtower and I did not find debate and criticism. I found the word of God.

People who examine the teachings of the Watchtower do not leave but they become Christians because they do not leave. Christians do not leave Christianity.

Criticism and debate gets the sects and divisions that exist in Christendom.

rupekumar said...

I was a member of Church of South India for 30 years. If you would like to count the contradictions in their teachings it will go beyond million and also in their conduct. Each member will raise and write Bible based books which contradict each other. Those churches do not have any official teachings. What a blessing I am enjoying in god's Organization. Only the critics can find false faults. If they turn their heads towards the Churches they can find Millions of gross sins. But they don't. I am thankful for God's organization and its teachings.

luckyone2k said...

omg. when i read it i thought it must be from a 70s or 80s watchtower... but its from right now!

Voice of Reason said...


What church were you a member of for 30 years?

JWs don't have contradictions. Contra meaning against, diction meaning speaking. Our teachings don't speak against itself.

It is good that you see Jehovah's Organization for what it is and not critical like the ones who don't know it.

JohnP said...

Any "true" Jehovah's Witness that reads and comments on this blog is not follow the lead of the Governing Body.

Of course GB does demand a lot from the flock! How about following their changes back and forth regarding blood?

Talk about contradictions...

I do see what the organization is from within and it stinks. Just open your eyes.

Voice of Reason said...

John P,

Do you think that you are the first to say that?

Ignorant you are.

Just because the GB says it or writes it does not mean JWs have to do it.

The GB does not demand anything of the flock. They just try to encourage people to do better. But what they do is up to them, not the GB.

There have been no changes back and forth regarding blood. It has always been and always will be to abstain from it. As for fractions of fractions, the Bible is unclear on that so it is up to the person. I don't see the problem with that.

I see what the organization is from within and the problem is not the organization or the leadership but it is how people interpret the leadership as being ones who make rules.

Yeah I said it said...

thank you for the post...excellent job.

for the rest of the blind followers, if any corporation or media outlet or organization says, please do not read anything written about us that's not written by us, it would be suspect.

the watchtower society is like an alcoholic abusive husband. they make demands and command people to follow or be destined for death at armageddon...then, when they change their minds, even if it has killed people, no apologies at all.

it's like a husband beating on his wife for months, then baking her a cake w/o apology.

cycles of abuse are very hard to see beyond when in the situation.

instead of making blanket statements that the watchtower society loves to do...take a moment to step back and see what's really going on. take a class in writing. read about brainwashing. repeated absurd teachings become less absurd when drilled into minds over and over again.

but, if you were satisfied with your "faith" and the org., you wouldn't even be here defending it b/c it is the no defense necessary....all should come forth and join without question..."jehovah" is bringing them to you. (don't mind the slow churn concept where about 35% of jws leave the org and the 1% increases are only b/c of aggressive recruiting...a great business model for expansion)

...2032 will see a huge exodus just like in 1975...will the watchtower society keep the organization going after that? no, the "governing body" will be dead, but watch out for the power take over.

TO KNOW A RELIGION, TAKE A LOOK AT ITS HISTORY, the true history, not the censored history of the watchtower publications....KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DEFENDING.

Voice of Reason said...

"the watchtower society make demands and command people to follow"

Where do you get the idea that people have to follow what you consider demands and commands?

I don't consider them such and I just do what is necessary.

You make it more complicated than necessary.

To know a religion, one need not look at the history.

Religion is not about people.

It is about God, and his plan of redemption, what he set for for the people, not the history of the people.

Yeah I said it said...

yes, do not look at the history of jehovah's'll be surprised at the hypocrisy and amazed at the many deaths, see the malawi situation vs. the mexico bribing situation....nope, malawi people are expendable and mexico has real estate issues.

voice of unreason, do not look at the history of jws, just keep commenting here...stay all good jws. (educated by the watchtower society is NOT education.)