Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watchtower cult shuts down websites to coverup Pedophilia letters

Just when you thought it was safe to call watchtower a done deal it seems watchtower is going on a mission to tell the body of elders in a series of letters to basically cover up any illegal activity within the organization and then tell the elders to destroy the letters once they have read them. The corruption seems like something out of a bad horror movie, like a monster that won’t seem to die.

The story seems to start where watchtower decided to shut down websites using copyright clams as an excuse to cover up these leaked watchtower letters. Its not the first time watchtower has been caught bullying or going after websites but apparently this time the watchtower realizes the situation is getting out of control so there solution to the problem is to tell the body of elders to cover up any tracks of criminal activity.

First lets talk about the letters regarding watchtowers desperate attempt to cover up cases regarding pedophilia.

The document reads:

“1. This letter updates the letters to all bodies of elders regarding child abuse dated March 23, 1992; February 3, 1993; August 1, 1995; March 14, 1997; July 20, 1998; May 24, 2002; April 1, 2004; June 5, 2006; and May 24, 2010. Those letters should be removed from the congregation permanent file of policy letters and be destroyed. No one should keep originals or copies of any of those letters.”

Obviously telling someone to destroy a document regarding Child Abuse is not only suspicious but illegal.

But wait it gets better. According to the watchtower the document is saying in black and white that basically, it is not child molestation, as long as the person is approaching adulthood and is a willing participant. The reality is Children are not capable of making adult sexual decisions with an adult.

“In harmony with these references, we are herein discussing sexual perversion in which children are the object of sexual abuse, including fondling, by an adult. We are not discussing a situation wherein a minor who is a willing participant and who is approaching adulthood has sexual relations with an adult who is a few years older than the minor nor, generally speaking, are we discussing situations in which only minors are involved. Rather, we are referring to situations in which it is established that an adult brother or sister has been guilty of sexually abusing a young child or has been sexually involved with a minor who is approaching adulthood and who was not a willing participant.”

As sick as this sounds elders rather then reporting these problems to the authorities they are strongly encouraged to seek legal advice from there legal department. Last I heard this falls under the pretenses of aiding and imbedding a known felon. Not that this comes to any kind of shock. I think what is most festinating is that they are writing a sort of step by step guide to conducting illegal and unlawful practices within a religious organization. But there is nothing to see here right?

“4. Most states have child-abuse reporting laws that, depending on the facts, mandate elders to report an accusation to the authorities. Thus, when elders learn of an accusation of child abuse, two elders from their congregation should immediately call the Legal Department for legal advice. If the individuals involved are in different congregations, each body of elders should arrange for two of their elders to call the Legal Department. A call should be made even when both persons involved in sexual misconduct are minors. The elders should not ask an alleged victim, the accused person, or relatives of the victim or accused to call the Legal Department.”

Now lets move on to the next brilliant watchtower letter telling elders how to hide or manage digital information that may have illegal or legally sensitive information.

“What should never be stored online? Any information of a sensitive or confidential nature, including judicial matters, should not be stored online or be distributed electronically. The same is true for documents already available on the jw.org Web site.”


Danny Haszard said...

Thanks for creating an awareness of this issue!

Jehovah’s Witnesses hit with $28 million sex abuse settlement Oakland,Calif.-Google it.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have many issues with sexual molestation of children.The religion and its members are more concerned about protecting the group image than the victims.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses require ‘two witnesses’ to a crime or it didn’t happen,you are supposed to ‘leave it in
Jehovah’s hands’ wait on the lord.
How many pedophiles allow an eyewitness?
These people engage in a door to door ministry, possibly exposing children to pedophiles.
The Watchtower corporation has paid out millions in settlement money already.
Danny Haszard *tell the truth don't be afraid*

miker said...

As you said, when seems like the Watchtower will give no more surprises, a new rabbit came out of the hat.
This policy is shows clearly we are dealing with a very corrupt organization. Thanks for all your efforts to help our brothers all this years.
(From the Spanish side of the Force)
Best Regards


Anonymous said...

But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.(NIV)...

Jesus didn't call the children to any organisation because he knew they would not have their welfare at heart.

Pride, lust & greed is in men's hearts...

Protect your children from these dangers by using the authorities that God has established for our well-being and protection.

Don't let this man-made policy fool you!

p.Johanna said...

I could not find where I could send you a private message. I am an ex-JW. I remember distinctly this thick blue book handed out sometime in the 90's. I was young, but I remember the book giving the history of they JW. I remember them even admitting they used to celebrate birthdays and I distinctly remember the house of Beth Sarim in San Diego and in the book they had proclaimed the house was dubbed the House of Spirits. Does anyone remember this book; the name. I am in pursuit of the book. Thank You.

p.Johanna said...
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unstopableravens said...

Proclaimers book

Anonymous said...

Wow people. I guess it's true that you can post any kind of lies on the internet. Whoever made this stuff up obviously has no conscious. Jehovah's Witnesses while imperfect are at the top of the moral ladder in this world. They address ungodly behavior by it's members including disfellowshipping which is a major point of criticism by many not in the organization. I'm not one of Jehovah's Witnesses at this time but I am getting closer as I see how Satan is working his stuff using people like you.

Anonymous said...

Before judging, as they do, you should check the story of this organization and then fact check with the head elders, then you can see who lies. Their cop out will always be "those are apostates." I'm going to tell you this: one of their strong beliefs is that you should not idolize anything/anyone. They idolize the watchtower in bethal. Just on the issue of blood alone they have made so many changes with no comments on people, for example hemophiliacs, that have died for following their misinterpretations on the bible. One more thing, their bible was altered and go through their site and read their part magazines, you can even find them in a library if you goggle watchtower 1900's. Read it you will see changes and back peddels to what they previously taught. Their bible isn't how the original manuscripts were it is to read as what they teach. Oh and don't forget, the bible itself says "no one will know" who stands righteously, they should not say they are the "truth". -an ex 20 year JW (born in it) current hermeneutic scholar.

MEM Reel said...

As a former member of the Watch tower, many years ago, my son was molested and both he and I were blamed for the abuse. I was disfellowshiped because I reported the crime to the Police and Social Services and didn't allow the elders to handle it. So, this doesn't surprise me in the least.

John said...

Kelly Williams,

I reckon you're just one of those lies on the internet. I think if I push my delete button on my keyboard in front of me you'll disappear.


See! Now you don't exist!