Friday, August 10, 2012

Watchtower, October 15, 2012

In the latest October 15th 2012 Watchtower (page 13)... "Because of what they perceive as defects in the elders, some individuals who engage in serious wrongdoing in the congregation have refused to appear before a committee of elders assigned to help them. This could be likened to a patient who loses out on the benefits of a treatment because he does not like something about the doctor." Sounds like they're now trying to stigmatize those who try to avoid judicial action. Of course, it's also supremely ironic that they talk about declining medical treatment in a negative way, but encourage people to do precisely this when it comes to treatment using blood transfusions! Furthermore, they are equating the skills of a physician who trains for decades for his job with a part time, inadequately trained, more than likely uneducated, congregation elder.


Jaco said...

"This could be likened to a patient who loses out on the benefits of a treatment because he does not like something about the doctor"

Hahaha! More like a patient realising his "brain surgeon" is more like a drunk vet! LOL!!!

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Geraldino said...

You can bribe your way to the top by
extending your hospitality to the elders or even the travelling overseer...
judicial committees are only a farce.

Frankly said...

Once again the WT Society assumes that all elders are "perfect". What about the known cases where elders engaged for years in adultery and other gross sins, but continued to serve on judicial committees - and disfellowship others for things like smoking!
Or the cases where elders are known to have malicious feelings for the "accused"?

Or those elders who are known to be abusive, but manage to manipulate the system, and continue serving, dishing out their own twisted brand of justice?

As David said - "deliver us into the hands of God, for many are His mercies, but not into those of men."

Final thought - all too often, the elders don't have a clue of what is really going on. (even in their own families). Some of them are way out of their depth (their own words), others are controlled by their wives. And what about those elders who have been accused of a breach of confidentiality in previous cases?
The WT Organization is silent on these matters. Like Eli the high priest, it pretends these things do not happen.

PS: In one case it was cynically said: "don't worry if the person is (wrongly) disfellowshiped. He can always apply for re-instatement"

Osman Osmanu said...

You are all fools. You animalistic idiots dont know how jehovah operates his organisation. Fuck you all. Apostates

Abe B said...

Osman, you shouldn't defend the truth by swearing, it just makes you and the witnesses look really bad.
I'm a DF'D witness getting back. I love the elders. They dealt fairly and in a very sincere way. I was DF'd for a good reason and I'm thankful I was. I'm now changing for the better and looking forward to being back with the bros and sisters