Monday, June 25, 2012


Cynthia Hampton, one of the main players in the Candace Conti case (and a close friend of 28 years), just informed me of a further, far more powerful move by the state of California against the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.

By order of the Superior Court of the State of California - County of Alameda (see documents below), until the Watch Tower's appeal, which won't begin until August 13th and will take up to TWO YEARS to settle due to due process of law, has forbidden the Watch Tower to sell any more of its $1 BILLION in assets in the Borough of Brooklyn until the appeals case is finished, to assure they won't shelter their monies in the light of this most huge and devastating sexual abuse scandal ever to hit the Watch Tower Society, and perhaps any other single-victim lawsuit.

The several Watchtower attorneys must have shite in their pants yesterday evening. The HUGE corporate assets in the Watch Tower Society, centered in real estate (largely in Brooklyn), cannot sell any of their properties until the case is settled. This will likely take up to TWO YEARS.

My guess is that this may be the final canonball that will sink the Watch Tower's plans to recover from their slump permanently. This may be the biggest news since the beginnings of Charles Taze Russell, and may bring them to their knees.

We are now not just talking about the likelihood of the Watch Tower losing $28 million (damages split among the Watch Tower, congregation leaders, and the perpetrator of the crimes), but we are talking about the equivalent of freezing most of Iran's bank accounts, and it cannot be settled for at least two years.

What does that mean? A fate worse than death to the Watch Tower. Their reputation, their future plans of recovery and building huge facilities in upstate New York that can be easily converted to secular property and eventually sold for a large profit, will most likely all BE PUT ON HOLD FOR TWO YEARS.

A lot can happen in two years. Their greatest fear, that of sectarian splits, is in my opinion, about to begin.

There are many good men and women in the Watchtower organization - millions of them - and a lot of them are elders.

Many will no longer want to be disgraced by calling themselves a Jehovah's Witness. Many will be furious that they suddenly open up their eyes to all the things that have been going on these last years.... from the warnings about listening to certain "anointed ones" drawing the flock away, to giving all their allegiance to the Governing Body and no one else, and the restrictions and dangerous legal position they are putting upon their thousands of elders this last two years.

Since the Watch Tower is almost certainly having major cash flow problems by the observation of their attempts to obtain money from the publishers via credit cards, cutting back on services, cutting magazine circulation practically in half, shutting down branches, consolidating ASSEMBLIES and former "necessary" services, eliminating meetings, dropping the Gilead School, ejecting older volunteer couples who have worked at Bethel for years (to avoid paying out so much cash), and engineering ways to completely own all Kingdom Halls in the world outright, this will be a major blow to almost every move they have planned to avoid the current slump they are in. The money may simply be about to DRY UP.



miker said...

Mi in fight. If this is true...I mean...IF this is true, this will be amazingly wonderful. I hope it is true...I will wait until you can give us more info.

Amigo mio...hermano en la lucha. Si esto es verdad...Es decir...SI esto es cierto, será maravillosamente sorprendente. Espero que sea verdad...Esperaré hasta que nos dés más informacion.

(From the Spanish side of the Force)

miker said...

PLEASE allow me to translate this new to Spanish...we are following this events closely from California to the South Pole and from Argentina to Spain.


MEM Reel said...

Wow! I haven't heard about this. But then I left the JWs in 1984 and have been pretty much out of the loop. I will indeed be keeping up with this story.

Fred said...

Silentlambs brought this to our attention:

" There have been many comments and some articles written about the freezing of one billion dollars of Watchtower assets following the loss of the Candace Conti court case. Those that have commented on this are technically true in part but in the typical court proceedings this is just a matter of the regular filing of documents to protect the settlement for the plaintiff.

It is considered a typical move in a court proceeding to freeze the assets when the defendant had yet to obtain a bond to cover the settlement. It was apparent WT did not expect to lose and simply were not prepared for this. So the Judge doing his job made the ruling contingent upon WT obtaining a bond to protect the settlement for Ms Conti. The minute the Watchtower obtains the bond the all assets are free and clear to be used any way they wish. So this looks like more of a procedural matter. WT will obtain a bond in a week or so and the order will in a matter of typical court procedure be removed. "

So the real estate assets of the Watch Tower Society are only frozen for only a week or so and this ruling will not have huge consequences for the financial freedom and clout of the Watchtower Society.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard about this ruling I was stunned. I hope this wakes up more than a few dubs. It should...

Osman Osmanu said...

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