Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oct. 15th Watchtower Tells The Witnesses Not To Trust your Own Viewpoint.

In this magazine you'll observe the society REALLY making Jehovah's Witnesses question themselves, doubt themselves. Even if they are observing the organization doing something questionable, they are NOT to doubt Jehovah or the organization, but their own imperfect human judgments. In other words : " Don't trust your own mind - it's skewed ".

Under the article titled, " Keep on Seeking first his Righteousness " on pg.8 it lays the groundwork in stating, " Seeking His righteousness includes trying to live according to His values, and perfect standards, NOT OUR OWN. It is not a matter of obeying His laws out of FEAR of punishment. (Yeah right) Rather, our love for God motivates us to endeavor to please Him by upholding His standards, NOT establishing our own . " What they are really saying is that we should obey without question whatever the organization tells us to do. After all, they have taken the role of Jesus Christ in the lives of the witnesses.

It continues in paragraph 8,9 : " We need to remember, though, that if we question the fairness or rightness of Jehovah's decisions (substitute the society's decisions) , we are, in effect, starting to put OUR standard of righteousness above Jehovah's (Watchtower society's) standard. It is as if we put Jehovah (society) on trial and judged Him by our own standards of right and wrong. Jehovah (society) is the one who has the right to set the standard for righteousness, not us ! " It continues, "Our IMPERFECT nature can lead us down this path. This can easily happen when we see something that WE view as unfair or if we PERSONALLY suffer hardship. " Translation : If you suffer hardships it's only YOUR OWN fault - not the organization or Jehovah.

The next part is really weird. In the midst of an ensuing paragraph JUSTIFYING Jehovah forgiving King David & Bath Sheba's adulltery & David 's murdering her husband check THIS quote out, Under the subheading : " Our viewpoint May be Distorted or Limited " it states, " The second factor to remember when we are faced with a situation that APPEARS to be unfair is that OUR VIEWPOINT MAY BE DISTORTED OR LIMITED. It can be distorted by imperfection, prejudice, or cultural background. It is also limited by our inability to discern motives and to know what is really in people's hearts. In contrast, both Jehovah and Jesus have no such limitations. " Translation : You are imperfect , stupid idiots who allow prejudice sin, and your varied backgrounds to distort you. You are dirt. As dumb as rocks. Trust us the WT society and God- you can NEVER trust yourself !

It concludes by stating, " So if at times we see something that WE FEEL is unfair on Jehovah's part ( WT society's part ) whether we read it in the Bible account or experience it in OUR PERSONAL life - let us NEVER judge God ( WT society ) by our own standards of righteousness. Remember that we do NOT always have all the facts and that our viewpoint may be DISTORTED or LIMITED. " I want to get sick.

Once again the society makes it's members feel they CANNOT trust their own minds, heart, or judgment on ANYTHING that differs or seems unjust within the organization. It is a way to make members feel GUILTY and in FEAR if, in fact, they DO find themselves having doubts. If there is any doubt by anybody that this isn't a dangerous mind control organization, I think this article removes that doubt.

So even though the organization has been wrong so many times and has had to revised their publications many times to correct their mistakes, we have to trust everything they say without question because they are supposed to be spealing for God. How presumptuous. How frightening.


Bible student said...

Talk about Distorted and Limited, your twist is even wilder than what you accuse. Could I have your first name so that I could pray to you.

See for yourself at

Jordyn said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. The Governing Body does not require us to blindly follow them, but rather to live our lives by bible guidelines. This means simple things like not fornicating, commiting adultery, toxicating our bodies, or eating blood. Next time you decide to take information from the watchtower or awake, please do not misuse it, twist it, or use the bible knowledge of our dedicated bethelites for your own misguiding teachings and practices.
I leave you with a scripture that was written about men and women like you who are misguided by the teachings of false prophets..."For these men are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of the Christ."
a dedicated bible student

theostudent said...

Have you noticed that the music in the chorus to the new song #108 is based on the anthem of the Soviet Union? Is there a correlation? Total mind control?