Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Letter From Governing Body Regarding the Handling of Illegal Immigrants Within the Congregation

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biblebrain said...

I hope you will make it very clear to all elders that NO prayer should be given in a foreign tongue without someone to translate it for everyone to understand.Obvious! you may answer, but let me tell you what happened in Spalding (Lincs) congregation when a public talk was arranged for the congrgation.

The elders arranged for the PUBLIC talk to be given in PURTUGESE as the first language and then translated into English whereas only a few Portugese people were present and over 90 English ones present.

Although it was translated into English, the prayer at the end was given in Portugese by an English speaking person and NOT translated into English. Everyone said "AMEN" even though no one understood the tongue. This was clealy wrong. 1st Cor 14v9-13.

Firstly the talk should have been given in English then translated into Portugese for the few who were present and the prayer should have been done in the same manner.

I was present at this public talk and was amazed by everyone saying "AMEN" to a prayer they had no idea what was said.

When I pointed out to some this was very wrong and no one should have said amen to a prayer they did not understand, I was made to feel the one in the wrong.

So come on governing body, do the right thing and correct them.